Carpet Cleaning DIY

If you want to save money carpet cleaning DIY may or may not be the best way to go.  Here at Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning we are often asked about carpet cleaning DIY options by people who want to know what is the best  foward.

How it Works

rugdoctorThe machine most readily available is the rug doctor style of machine.  Essentially these use a hot water extraction or steam cleaning method.  Our trained technicians would begin by examining the carpet firstly to determine what fabric it is made of.  We’d also look for any stains or high traffic ware requiring special treatments.  We’d then select the most suited treatment for your carpet.  Unfortunately, because the average carpet cleaning DIYer does not have the full range of expertise in terms of chemical selection and usage, the chemicals supplied with the DIY machines have to be relatively safe for all fabrics.  Unfortunately, however, these may be ineffective in applications requiring specialised treatments.

The basic theory behind steam cleaning is that detergents are applied which loosen the dirt within the fibre that is then rinsed away by pushing steam or extremely hot water (the temperature being determined by the fabric type to avoid damage) and then vacuuming the water, along with the dirt into a waste tank for disposal later.

Comparing DIY  with Professional Truck Mounted Equipment

legendseThe carpet cleaning DIY machine works on the same principle but there are a number of differences to bear in mind when comparing to the professional grade, powerful truck mounted machines used by Dad and Jerry’s.

  • Generally the machines available for hire do not heat the water and are dependent on the addition of hot water from your household supply.
  • The vacuum suction will be much lower than professional machinery resulting in a risk of leaving too much water in the carpets. This can lead to permanent damage to some fibres.

Can I get the same results from DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines???

The short answer is a very qualified yes.  A professionally trained technician, or someone sufficient knowledge can get excellent results but given the reduced power available the job would take much longer.

Should I Carpet Cleaning DIY Track or call the Professionals?

Steam Carpet Cleaning AdelaideAt the end of the day it’s your call.  You may save a few dollars but if you put any value at all on your time chances are you’ll come out behind.  You also need to take care to follow all user instructions including any safety warnings to minimise the potential of permanent damage experienced by some who have gone doen the carpet Cleaning DIY track.

If you’re not sure and you’re based in Adelaide, why not call Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning on 0402 105 838 for a free quote before you make up your mine?

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