Carpet Cleaning Tips

For most people quality carpets are one of the largest home improvement investments they make.  With proper care, quality carpets will maintain their appearance for many years.  Here are some carpet cleaning tips from the experts at Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Number 1… Regular Vacuumingvacuum

Most people would be horrified to even imagine the damage they would do to their new carpets if the souls of their shoes were made of sandpaper.  Imagine the effect of the harsh abrasive contact as you walked around your home.  Most of us are, however, unaware of just how abrasive particles of dirt which collect in our carpet can be.

Regular vacuuming with a quality machine will remove abrasive material considerably reducing ware to your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Number 2…Be Careful with Spot Cleaners

spotterOften following a significant spill on a carpet the homeowner will panic and try various treatments to remove marks from carpets.  There are many treatments available but they vary in quality and composition.  The wrong use of spotters can in fact set stains making them more difficult and on occasions impossible to remove later.  We also see numerous cases each year where the misuse of generic stain removal agents has bleached colour from the carpet leaving permanent damage.  Serious spills are best handled by the professionals and the sooner you contact them the greater chance of successful stain removal.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Number Three…Protect High Traffic Areas

Even with regular cleaning it is difficult to prevent ware in high traffic areas. The use of Hall runners and rugs in traffic areas can add many years of practical use.

Carpet Cleaning Tips Number Four… Regular Steam Cleaning

Depending on the style and type of carpet most manufactures recommend professional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) of carpets at least one a year.  Deep steam cleaning will remove those abrasive soils that regular vacuuming misses.  It is also effective in killing any bacteria or dust mites that may be hiding in the carpets.carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips Number Five…Apply Fabric Protection

Professional steam cleaning is the ideal time to consider applying fabric protection to your carpets.  This will provide additional stain resistance to the fibers making removal of spills and high traffic ware much easier.  scotchgard


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