Carpet Cleaning Hire

Is Carpet Cleaning Hire Worth the Money?

This article is in response to the many people each year who ask us whether carpet cleaning hire represents good rugdoctorvalue for money.  I’ve tried to put together an unbiased comparison so that  the reader can make up their own mind.


The Cost of Carpet Cleaning Hire

I started by checking out the various places that carpet cleaning machines are available for hire.  The local supermarket, the hardware shop and even a local hire department.  I found that machines range from between $39 – $79 for a twenty four hour period.  You then had to purchase propriety chemicals for use in the machine costing between $25 and $45 depending on the combination you choose.  So all up you’re looking at between $64 and $124 to hire the machine and purchase chemicals.  Professional Carpet Cleaning from Dad and Jerry’s starts at about $35 per room. So you can do your own sums on that compared to the carpet cleaning hire costs.


Cost is not the Only Factor

Use with Care

Limited vacuum capacity presents one of the significant risk factors for the users of carpet cleaning hire units.  The big one to watch out for is leaving too much water in the carpets.  This can lead to extended drying times, risk of mould growth and in the worse cases permanent damage.  Wool fibers are particularly vulnerable to shrinkage due to over wetting.

To Be Fair

If you are willing to take your time, paying special attention to not over wetting and removing as much moisture as possible, a good user can get reasonable results from a Carpet Cleaning Hire machine.  The problem is that most DIYers don’t have the knowledge of carpet fibers and chemical technology to achieve the best results.

How Long Will it Take?clock

The other factor that struck me as I was researching this question was the time factor.  Yes, one of our trained technicians could achieve a satisfactory result with one of the small hire machines available but it would take him several hours to clean an average four bedroom home to a professional standard. The same home could be cleaned in about 90 minutes using the latest truck mounted machinery.  It’s important when comparing the options to consider the value of your time when considering whether to go down the carpet cleaning hire path.

It’s Your Call…

Hopefully this article has provided information which will assist you in assessing whether or not to use carpet cleaning hire equipment.  If you’re based in Adelaide and still not sure which way to go call us on 0402 105 838 and we’re happy to provide a quote on professional carpet cleaning and to answer any other questions you may have about carpet cleaning hire options.

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