How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

One of the questions people often ask us is, how much does carpet cleaning cost?  Good Question!  How long is a piece of string?

There are a number of things to consider when getting quotes for carpet cleaning.carpet-cleaning-prices

Firstly,  not all carpet cleaners are equal!

Anyone that has done their homework will know that there are large variations in prices charged by carpet cleaners and the challenge is to compare apples with apples.  At the time of writing this article (August 2015), as a rough guide, Adelaide carpet cleaning prices range from $20 – $45 per bedroom.  But, in choosing a carpet cleaner, the consumer needs to understand that price should not be the only consideration.  Not all carpet Cleaners are equal!

Buyer Beware!

It is possible to purchase a cheap steam portable cleaning machine and a few chemicals online for about one thousand dollars.  This means that, since there are no licensing requirements in the cleaning industry, anyone with no experience or training in carpet cleaning can cheaply set themselves up in business working out of the back of their station wagon.   By comparison, reputable companies like Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning   have made substantial investments in the latest carpet cleaning technology.  When considering prices, bear in mind that to set up a van with the best equipment available will cost upwards from about eighty thousand dollars.

Likewise with training, reputable operators will invest in ensuring that their technicians are fully trained in both the operation of equipment and use of the latest chemical technology to ensure your carpets receive the best and safest treatments.

Don’t Risk Damage To Your Carpets

Speaking of safe, your carpets represent one of the largest home improvement investments you will make.  There are many different types of carpets made from differing fibres.  It is important to understand that not all carpets should be cleaned in the same way.  In fact, the wrong cleaning application can actually cause long term damage to carpets.  This is particularly the case with wool fibres and some modern nylons.   A properly trained technician will be able to identify your carpet and will know the best and safest ways to achieve the best results for you.

Beware of Dishonest Sales Tactics:

Over the years, the carpet cleaning industry has become notorious for so called “bait and switch” selling.  This is where the customer receives a ridiculously low “special offer on carpet cleaning”.  This special offer is used to book the job and upon arrival the technician will proceed to “upsell” various additional services.  Whilst consumer awareness and education has improved considerably over recent years we still hear of customers that have been taken by such schemes.

Get a Proper Quote

As a customer, you need to recognise that it may only be possible to give an estimate over the phone.  A professional technician , however, should be able to give you a complete quote prior to starting the job.  If you are not happy with this price for any reason you should feel no obligation to allow the carpet cleaner to proceed with the job just because he’s there.

What to Look For in a Reputable Company:

Whilst we don’t want to discourage you with the things to watch out for we don’t want you to proceed without being aware of potential pitfalls in hiring a carpet cleaner.  That said there are many reputable operators out there.  Here are some Questions you could ask any prospective carpet cleaner…

  1. How many years experience do you have?

Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning, began operation over 12 years ago as Festival City Carpet Cleaning.  We have stayed up to date with developments across the industry to insure the best service to our customers.

  1. What Training have you received?iicrc

All of our technicians undergo training to IIRC certification standards.  The IIRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration) operates across the world to set benchmark standard for technical training across the cleaning industry

  1. What Cleaning Method do you use?

carpet steam cleaningThere are in fact several methods available to clean carpets.  Basically they fall into two carpet dry cleaningcategories Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and Dry Carpet Cleaning.  At the end of the day various methods are similarly priced.  But not all methods suit all situations.  Many companies will recommend the particular method they use. At Dad and Jerry’s we offer both steam and dry carpet cleaning so we are in a position to objectively recommend which method is best for your carpets.

So How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

It’s time to return to the main question.  What will carpet cleaning cost?  There are considerable variations in carpet cleaning pricing and you need to remember that not all carpet cleaners are offering the same level of service and expertise.  That doesn’t mean you have to necessarily look for the highest priced service.  At Dad and Jerry’s, we set out to offer the highest in professional standards at a fair price.  It really is difficult to generalise in an article like this because there are so many variations between different carpet cleaning jobs.   To discuss you needs, and to get a fair idea of pricing, If you’re in the suburbs of Adelaide, call Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning on 0402 105 838, or use the contact form on this page.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Want to Save Some Money?

One more thought on pricing for the budget conscious………….

Often we complete a job and our happy customer will say something like, “I didn’t know you cleaned tiles” or  “ I’ll have to get you back to clean my lounge suite”.  Because of the time involved in both travel, and the setting up of equipment, there is economy in performing more than one task whilst were there.  Please discuss the possibility of discount rates on combined services whilst you’re talking to us.  It’s a win win situation!!!  We save time – you save money!!!

We look forward to helping you with your carpet cleaning.  To find out more about us, return to Dad and Jerry’s Carpet Cleaning homepage.

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