How To Clean Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets: The Best in Qualitybaby and dog on carpet

For many years wool was the main fiber used in the manufacturing of quality carpets.  Long lasting, durable and uncompromisingly soft underfoot, wall to wall wool carpeting was a must for discerning homeowners. In recent years the development of nylon has seen many new products enter the market and even professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians are occasionally caught out not being able to pick high quality nylon from woollen carpet.

That said, whilst it can require a significantly higher investment, wool carpets still have a number of unique features. In terms of environmental footprint nothing comes close to wool.  Wool naturally hides dirt and probably most importantly wool carpets are naturally fire resistant.

Cleaning Wool Carpets

Given the investment you made in quality wool carpets the homeowner will want to the best care of  them.

Because of wool’s natural dirt hiding qualities it will keep its clean appearance for longer than other fibers.   That said, whilst it may look clean, unseen dirt can lead to allergy issues and odor build up in the fiber.  Unseen dirt has an abrasive effect (think of sandpaper) and can damage the carpet fibers over time.

Regular vacuuming, ideally with a turbo head, will remove abrasive material from your carpets and add years to their life.  The manufacturers of wool carpets recommended that wool carpets are cleaned using  hot water extraction (steam cleaning) at least once a year.

Steam Cleaning Wool Carpetswool safe products carpet cleaning

Use of Wool Safe Products

Steam Cleaning of wool carpets needs to be done with extra care. Special attention must be paid to selecting correct cleaning products as products too high on the ph scale (over 8.5) can cause damage to wool carpets.  This may not be seen after one clean and damage can be accumulative over the duration of the carpets life.

Avoid Over Wetting

Over wetting can also create challenges for wool carpets.  As a natural erol is slower to dry and can be prone to shrinkage if over wet.  This is an important factor for those attempting DIY steam cleaning to be aware of.  Over wetting wool carpets can also cause serious odor problems.  Care should also be taken in not overheating water when cleaning wool.

A trained professional technician should be fully versed in how to best care for your carpets.  Following professional cleaning wool carpets should usually only take between 4-6 hours to dry.  Being an organic fiber, you may notice some odor (wet dog) but providing the carpets are not over wet this should not be an issue and the odor will dissipate as the carpets dry.

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