Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemicals

Many customers have asked us for recommendations about tile and grout cleaning chemicals.

The Problem…

toothbush tilesHave you ever spent hours on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and your favorite home remedy (there are lots out there vinegar and baking soda seem to be the two main secret ingredients) scrubbing your grout lines clean?

It is very tiring work and when Dad and Jerry’s come in with our specialised high pressure cleaning system, homeowners and business people alike are blown away by both the speed and the results.  Most grout is able to be returned to its original colour.  Many home owners are surprised because they didn’t know they had white or grey grout!  Naturally the question is asked.  What tile and grout cleaning chemicals do you use?

PH and Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemicals

Essentially there are two groups of detergents  we use.  Those high on the ph scale (alkaline) and those on the low end (acids).  Now I know this can sound scary but modern chemical technology is very safe when applied by our trained technicians.

Choice of Chemical…

A professional technician will firstly identify the material to be cleaned as well as giving consideration to the type of soil (bathrooms soils are often soap based whereas in kitchen areas we may be dealing more with fats and greasy soiling.

Mopping spreads the Soil…

moppingMany homeowners don’t realise that each time they mop their floor they actually spread some soil into the grout lines.  Ironic but over time cleaning can make your floor dirty, Hence, the need for professional grade tile and grout chemicals.

The professional tile cleaning technician will apply the best tile and grout cleaning chemical to the floor and this will usually be rinsed using a high pressure vacuum system leaving tiles looking brand new again.

Are Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemicals Safe

The answer to this question is a yes but!  Our chemical are very safe, both to your floors but more importantly to the residents of your home, provided they are used as directed.  Many professional grade solutions require high pressure rinsing to remove all residue.

Are there Green Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemicals Available?

Firstly be assured that we are committed to best environmental practise and all of our products are selected with thisgreen apples criteria in mind.  That said, there are some very good professional grade citrus based tile and grout cleaning products available.  They are not cheap to apply but provide a great alternative to those who prefer the greenest solution.  Feel free to speak to us if you would like to consider this option.   oranges

If you’re based in Adelaide and have any further questions about tile and grout cleaning chemicals, or for a quote on professional tile and grout cleaning,  call Dad and Jerry’s on 0402 105 838.

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